Walker in standing position for children from 2 years of age.
Pegasus is equipped with five swiveling wheels, two of which with brakes and two without brakes in the front, and a rear wheel with a friction system useful to counteract the movements of children who tend to push back rather than walk forward.
In addition, it has a one-way block which is useful in the early stages of walking, when steering control is secondary to proper use of the lower limbs and walking. 

The structure is designed to best stabilize the child during walking, with the inclination that occurs via a lockable gas spring operated by a lever. The safety system blocks the lever once the desired angle has been chosen. The structure also includes a padded, height-adjustable saddle with a pelvis support adjustable in depth and height, equipped with two side containments adjustable in width and depth. In the upper part it has a padded and a trunk containment adjustable in height. By exerting a slight pressure it is also possible to adjust its shape. At the rear of the trunk support there is a band for a containment of the trunk. 


measures in cm

A | ​Frame width 59 67 77
B | ​Maximum frame depth 87 87 108
C | Saddle height 28-39,5 29-51 47-65
D | ​Front pelvis support and rear lumbar thrust 10-23 13,5-25,5 16-28
E | ​Width of lateral restraints lumbar thrust 8-22 10-29 10-29
F | ​Trunck restrain height 55-73 66,5-99 75-115
G | ​Trunck restrain height with front pelvis support mounted 63-73 74,5-99 83-115
H | ​Trunck restrain width 18,5 24 24
I | ​Pushing handle height 75-95 75-95 75-95
L | ​Height at center of headside 64-94 64-104 84-104
Inclination 31° 31° 31°
Maxiumum load 60 kg 60 kg 60 kg
Weight without additional 14 kg 16 kg 18 kg

The H parameter can be changed by applying a light pressure with your hands on the trunk restraint.