Available in three sizes. It supports the child during school and play activities. 

School table is made of wood of excellent quality. Its dimensions ensure a large working area and the edge helps the child in his activities.
The table angle is adjustable with simple gestures and the edge (optional) placed near it the notch allows objects to be supported even when the table is inclined.
School is designed for indoor use during school or play activities.
The product is very simple to use and it does not require special knowledge or previous experience from the user.
It is supplied in the standard version with frame feets, but it is possible to order the wheels kit (two with brakes and two without brakes) or the kit with four wheels with brakes. 


measures in cm

A | ​Floor height with wheels 49-68 61-91 79-108
A | ​Floor height without wheels 42-61 54-84 72-101
B | Maximum footprint in width 75 75 75
C | ​Maximum footprint in depth 63 63 63
D | ​Stop edge distance objects user defined user defined user defined
E | ​Internal width frame 68,5 68,5 68,5
Wooden table measures in wood 85x66 85x66 85x66
Inclination -70° / +5° -70° / +5° -70° / +5°
Max load 50 kg 50 kg 50 kg